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The rental will start on April 23! You can then get started with your registration online. The offer will therefore be fully visible via the website. This way you can make a list for yourself with the homes that fit your living requirements. After you have completed your registration, you will receive an email to provide the necessary documents. We understand that this information is of a personal nature. That is why we request these personally according to the highest security requirements. Your documents are of course not accessible to third parties.

The rental agreement applies for a minimum term of 12 months and is then tacitly renewed. The notice period is one full calendar month. 

Because the houses are still under construction, it is not possible to view the houses just like that. In order to give you a good idea of ​​the houses, we have developed as many impression images and floor plans as possible. If a viewing moment can be organized, you will of course be informed via a newsletter. Would you like to receive this? Then register for the homes!

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You can register up to and including May 7. After that, all registrations will be checked and you will hear whether a home has been allocated by 14 May at the latest.

You do not have to pay a registration fee and there are no agency fees.

After you have submitted your details, the broker will request documents. These are mainly documents to substantiate your income and identity. Which documents these are depends on your personal situation. Do you want to know which documents you can expect? Then take a look at the documents checklist.


Important tips for submitting documents:

Write on the copy that it is a copy and state the date
Write on the copy “For the S-West rental house”
Delete the citizen service number on documents
More information about how to safely send documents can be found on the website of the National Government: Antwoord/veigde-kopie-identiteitsbewijs

Based on the income requirement, housing preferences, availability, completeness of your file and final credit check set for the homes, the homes are assigned to the most suitable candidate.

The rental prices start from € 925 per month. Curious about the rental prices per home? Then take a look at the offer page.

The service costs are not yet known at this time. As soon as the budget is final, we will make this known to all interested parties.

A deposit is not standard applicable. This only applies if you do not fully meet the (income) requirements.

The rents are basic rents. As a tenant you are still responsible for concluding a contract for water, electricity and heating (WKO installation).

The rental price of the houses is above the rent subsidy limit. It is therefore not possible to apply for housing benefit.

To be eligible for a home, it is important that you meet the stated income requirements. According to the set income requirements, your gross monthly income must be at least 4 times the monthly rent. Holiday pay and any fixed bonuses or thirteenth month may also be added to this. At 3.5 times you can also rent, but with the deposit of a deposit. Do you want to rent as a couple? Then both incomes may be added together. Would you like more information about the stated income requirements. Take a look at the rental conditions.

If you have € 25,000 or more in equity, 10% of your assets may be added to your gross annual income.

That's certainly possible! Due to the lower tax burden, the income requirement set for you has been lowered to 3.5 times the monthly rent.

That's certainly possible! We do not look at your gross annual income, but at the profit from business. However, a deposit of 3 months rent is required. You do not have to transfer this yet, that is allowed just before key transfer.

It is important for the owner that you can pay the rent for at least one year. As a temporary worker, on-call worker or employee with a zero-hour contract you do not have this certainty. We are not allowed to assign you a home at that time. If there is a phase B or C temporary employment contract or a secondment agreement, we would be happy to look at your registration and the conditions set.

We do not accept guarantees from third parties.

The houses are delivered with a fully tiled bathroom with a (walk-in) shower, sink, mirror and electric radiator. All houses have a separate toilet. The bathroom layout can differ per apartment and is drawn on the floor plans.

The houses are equipped with a luxurious, handleless, sotfclose kitchen in white gloss with a black composite worktop. The kitchen is equipped with Siemens built-in appliances including an induction hob, recirculation extractor, fridge, combi oven and dishwasher. The kitchen layout differs per home and is drawn on the floor plans.

The ceilings have white spray paint in the color off-white and the walls are painted white in the color RAL9010.

Yes, all apartments are fitted with a maintenance free PVC floor in the color light oak.

The houses are not yet equipped with window coverings, you can still do this yourself as a tenant.

Some houses have an external storage room. Do you want to know which ones they are? check this with the broker. Depending on the type of apartment you rent, you can store your bicycle in your own storage room or in the communal bicycle shed.

Some homes have a parking space. Do you want to know which ones they are? then use filter "parking garage" on the offer page.

The houses have underfloor heating which is connected to a heat-cold storage (WKO) from ZON. The bathroom also has an electric radiator. The temperature is regulated by means of the room thermostat in the living room. Post-regulation is still possible per room by means of a digital thermostat.


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